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Exercising Your Brain: How Reading Books Makes You Healthier

012 health booksWe all know a muscle becomes stronger with exercise. The same is true with our brains, the more it is used, the better it functions. Reading is one habit that c n greatly improve brain function and preserve its health. If you’ve ever read through a very long yet interesting book, you’ll know how much concentration it takes and how your imagination takes flight. That kind of power to combine focus and creativity is something unique to reading.

Reading becomes a source of information and stimulates the mind. Understanding text is a form of exercise that can only be achieved through reading.  This is because it requires more effort to comprehend text than to process a visual image on television. A recent study shows that a person who likes to read has fewer memory problems and is less likely to experience a decline in mental abilities.

People who read are also less likely to be stressed, as reading can become a calming ritual. Reading a book before going to bed can allow your body to relax and your mind to wander from the day’s activities. This, in turn, allows you to sleep better.

Developing good reading habits starts early in life. Children should be provided with opportunities to explore books as early as possible. Even just pointing to pictures on books develops some form of connection that can serve as a foundation for his interest in books later in life. Kids who like to read are also generally more attentive and are able to focus and complete tasks faster. A bedtime routine involving books can be just as beneficial to kids as it is to adults.

Reading improves emotional well-being and social interaction and may even lower depression.  An emotionally-charged book can cause a person to review his own feelings and consider ways to act properly. Social interaction can improve through reading because conversations become more meaningful. Reading a variety of topics will involve you on certain issues and allow you to form your own insights and principles. With knowledge, you become more confident and sound more interesting.

Reading is a great way to escape, de-stress, learn, and empower yourself. It is a great habit to form or cultivate especially with the changing times. It is worthwhile to note that great leaders are often great readers.  There are so many ways reading can improve health and well being. All it takes is a few minutes to open a book or read a newspaper and get your mind going.

History Books: We Should Be Thankful

091 history booksBack In my school days, one of the subjects that I’m not really interested is the history. I am not interested to know what happened in the past especially when they talk about names of people who discover what and those heroes of old days. But it’s understandable because I am still a student those times. I am sure that I am not alone who felt that way. I only knew few students who are actually interested to study and learn about the history. But then, now that I am older, I have realize how important to study and learn the history. Just like what they say that “the past affects the present and the present affect the future”. But then thanks to the historian who made sacrifices and time to keep a record of the events and happening during those times, because without these records, we will have no idea about what we are seeing and enjoying today. Whatever we enjoy today these are the results of the sacrifices of the people from the past. Thanks to the history books that were preserved in many years. With these records, the present generations were informed that everything that they see and enjoy today, they awe it to the people from the past.

Let me give you one example of the things that you may not really appreciate but I am sure that you are really enjoying – FREEDOM. Are you living in a free country? Did you know that there are countries that were colonized by other countries/nations and they were made slaves in their own country? You should be thankful to your ancestors because they have fought with their lives until they have won that freedom that you are enjoying today. Could you imagine if you are still living in a country where you are being controlled by other nations and you are made slave by those people? That will be hard. Although slavery has been stopped in some countries but sad to say that there are still nations who still practice this.

You can also read in your history books how slavery stopped. What did your ancestors do to fight for their freedom? I will tell you, it was never easy because your freedom is equivalent to your life. Many people were killed and tortured and died an unlawful death because they fought for their freedom. But then their lives has paid off because they were able to get their freedom which you now enjoy!

How Important Are History Books?

024 history booksHave you ever thought why people are keeping history records like history books? Or why do we have history class? Why is it important that we know our history? Will it affect our life? History is very important because the history from the past affects the present and the future. What have been done from the past were the things that we are enjoying today. The reason why history books are kept for the future generation to know what happened in the past. Like for example the history of World War I & II. These wars have affected so many lives especially the survival. It’s interesting to know how the war started and how it ended. One of those people might be your great grandparents. Will you not be interested to know what happened during those times and how the people survive the war? The reason that we have an idea about the past is because of the history that were recorded and compiled. Those history books will remind us of the things that happened in the past that has affected and influenced the culture, tradition, and the freedom that we enjoy today. History can teach us some important principles especially o how to appreciate the things that we enjoy today.

We need to be thankful for those courageous heroes and heroines that fight for their rights to pursue something that they know people can benefit to. Like for example the bridges that were built to connect one place to another. There has been a huge and long argument before that bridge was build. People have died and have suffered just to have the bridge built for future reference. Another importance of history books is to give us knowledge about how our ancestor lived their lives before from their culture, tradition, religious beliefs, and the food that they eat. Like for example, do you not wonder how people lived in the year 15th century, 16th century, 17th century, and 18th century? People in ancient times live their lives differently compared to how we live our life today.

Now, if you want to know the history of your place especially your birth place, you can read and learn them from history books. You can go to the nearest public library and ask for that book. Aside from that, you can also search the history of your family. You may not know that your grandfather have made a big impact in changing the world especially in fighting for freedom.

The Best Books Are Books That Suits To Your Interest

023 best booksWhen it comes to books, I would say that all books are the best in its own way. Each book conveys different messages and topics that suits to the interest of the reader. So, a book will only be considered as best book if it influences the life of the reader in a good way. But not all books were written to influence the life of the reader. Some books were written for entertainment because not all books may contain facts about life. There are books that are written out of imagination like those fairy tale books, books written through fiction, and educational books. There is one thing that I believe in reading books – there is always a lesson to be learned. Every author of a book either it’s fictional of facts; there will always be principle that we can apply to our lives.

Another idea on how to consider a book to be a best book is if it suits to your interests. One book can best to one but not to the other. That’s why books can only be considered as best by the reader itself. So, the best for you may not be the best book for your sister not unless you have the same interests. So, when you buy books, of course it should be within your interests. We all have different interests and we might be interested in many things. Like in my case, I am interested with animals. I love to read books that talks about animals. Aside from that, I am also interested in dinosaurs. But I am not a fan of historical books. But I am a fan of sci-fi, thriller, and suspense like stories. I am also interested to read biblical base books or any spiritual books. This type of books that I consider as best books is because these books suit my interests. So, you may have your own preferences that for you are the best books. So, nobody can tell you what the best books are. Unless you are interested or you have been influence by your friend to read the book and it catch your attention.

The only way that we can tell if the book is good or the best if we have read it and find it interesting. But as long as it doesn’t catch our interest, that book will be boring and uninteresting. So, only buy books that you know you will have fun reading them.